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The Conlingual Telephone, also called the "CLT", is a Polyglottal Telephone-like relay game on the ZBB. The concept was suggested by ZBB member Zoris in 2007, with the idea of having a telephone relay based on conlangs instead of natlangs.


The Conlingual Telephone works in a way that is meant to not only let conlangers translate into their conlangs, but also allows them to translate out of conlangs they have had no previous experience in.

Assuming there are three participants, A B and C, the Telephone would begin with person A translating from English into their conlang. When finished, they will now send person B their translation and information about the conlang that will aid in their translating it. Now person B translates into their conlang, and sends their translation and information to person C. The Telephone now ends with person C translates into Engish.

Conlingual Telephone I

The first Conlingual Telephone game on the ZBB started on Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:05 pm.

Details here

Team Alpha

This place is silent. Three people split up into groups. These people came to the dark, far away place. Each red thief that is coming from a far away land is silent. A man can quickly throw to this person; the thief gets knocked down. The man can remove each nomad that comes to the place from the area; he feels pity. If the world which is being built by Nabalenan is finished by Uatelu, his plan will be liked.

Team Beta

It was quiet and still on the forest path. The warriors stood behind the leader, and the moon was shining. They discussed many strategies, behind the path of the enemy. They moved forward silently. Vatalu Navoarihan had made a plan, and the warriors fought the battle.

Conlingual Telephone II

Details here

Original text

At parties whenever the subject of the school janitor was brought up my father or the other men would say: "What a pity this woman lives with this crazy opium addict." Mother and the other women would pretend they didn't hear such statements; their faces would go blank.
The day Tahareh's father beat her mother and we ran from the uproar to the schoolyard, my father wanted to interfere and Mother got angry: "What does that have to do with you? If the woman weren't beautiful would you have defended her?"
Tahareh’s father was still asleep. I was thinking what an ugly man he was when Tahareh removed her chador, tossed it in a corner of the room, and said: "You’re it!" and ran.

Team Alpha

”Well, the woman I’m living near was smoking marijuana,” said the young woman’s father at the student party. Her mother did not make a sound, seeming like a terrible thing to say to her.
Then, Tahara’s parents began to argue up a storm with each other, and walked until they separated. The father wanted to stop the argument that started to become nasty for the mother. “This doesn’t feel reasonable to me. Let’s stop arguing; no woman is more beautiful to me than you.”
Wearily, Tahara’s father suddenly saw a woman near himself who seemed true. She told him that it was indeed a mistake; she took off her clothes and they fell, and then ran to the corner of the bedroom.

Team Beta

I say "hello" to him and watch him challenge the house; the maids said the girls father told me to come in.
And then the father came to the room nearby the house and was very angry; I ran; I listened; I said "Is there a problem?".
Tokege was so still he looked asleep. The man was ugly, he thought; the girls took the wool clothes off Tokege; they threw it in the corner-goat-shrink; and said "Hey!"; he ran far, far away.

Conlingual Telephone III

Records unknown

Conlingual Telephone IV

Conlingual Telephone IV was organized by Yiuel in January 2009.

The only translation retrieved by far is the Naisek text.

Conlingual Telephone V

Conlingual Telephone V took place in the summer of 2011. It was organized by Mr. Z.

Details, including intermediate stages, here.

Initial Text

The first waves of lava which fell in the lake immediately solidified and accumulated speedily. Upon their surface fell other waves, which in their turn became stone, but a step nearer the center of the lake. In this manner was formed a pier which threatened to gradually fill up the lake, which could not overflow, the water displaced by the lava being evaporated. The hissing of the water rent the air with a deafening sound, and the vapor, blown by the wind, fell in rain upon the sea. Where formerly stretched the calm waters of the lake now appeared an enormous mass of smoking rocks, as if an upheaving of the soil had formed immense shoals. Imagine the waters of the lake aroused by a hurricane, then suddenly solidified by an intense frost.

Final Text

In the beginning, soft turning lava flowed towards a lake. It gradually began to harden, but soon reached to the lake. The wave of the lava hit the shore and crossed it, and almost rolled into the center of the lake. The people began to fear that it could damage the boats at the harbor because that glowing river over there carries many large boulders. As the lava began to touch the lake, now the water started to boil and grow and become larger. While the water boiled, it began to hiss loudly, and the wind carried the hiss to the village, so I started to hear it. Surprisingly, the water began to dry. Smoke rose from the air like a large cloud. While the shall water receded, the shore pulled and changed. It was apparent that the severe wind did leave, so that it began to freeze with sold ice; from here the water could carry it to the lake.

Conlingual Telephone VI

Conlingual Telephone VI took place in December 2011. It was organized by Lyhoko Leaci.

Details, including intermediate stages, here.

Initial Text

The glow in the sky indicated that the sun would soon rise in the west, just like it always did. The moon Pyan was high in the sky; dull reddish splotches marked its lava oceans even in the part of Pyan not currently lit by sunlight.

Final Text (Team Quark)

I want to teach you this next: Since you see the sunrise, the sunrise is beginning in the west land. Since the god in the sky writes the sunrise, the moon's top is beginning to burn. It is very obvious to me that the moon's sunward side is therefore red.

Final Text (Team Lepton)

The sky shines the sunrise in the west. Pixan shines his maroon face because the moon shined high in the sky.

Conlingual Telephone VII

Conlingual Telephone VII took place in February-March 2013. It was organized by Poplar.

Details, including intermediate stages, here.

Initial Text

In the beginning, there was no light, so the god Akáo wanted to lighten the world. Then, high up in the sky, he created a river of lava that flowed to the center of the sky, where it became the sun. The sun still rises and sets each day as it had done since when Akáo created it, and it will continue doing so for the eternity.

Final Text

In the beginning, there was nothing that could pierce the darkness. Nothing existed.

But then the god Iga gave light to the world, and a river of fire flew the sky. When it got to the center of the sky, the river quieted and formed a bright, shining sphere, and so became the sun.

That's why, to this day, the sun comes up and goes down. It has to come up and go down every day. It can and it will, now and forever, thanks to the benevolent Iga.