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Wikipeer.png This user is a Wikipeer, and has been granted the title Lord and King of this Wikifief.

The benign dictator of the 2nd age of Almea, he who wields the immortal Coarticulated Bilabial Alveolar Click and the dreaded Doomdsday Device of "T3h"; and is a member of the Almean Pantheon. He was, for a brief time, wedded to Ruby after branding his cheek, and there was much rejoicing.

Neek has always viewed conlanging as an art, and as himself an artist believes that he is not very good and what he does produce when he does produce should be announced solely for it being produced. Some crazies do honestly believe that he is a good conlanger.

Neek's Projects

rant This guy runs a blog

Coarticulated bilabial alveolar click

The coarticulated bilabial alveolar click, transcribed as [!\_O\] or [k!_p@] depending on the system in use, is a phoneme associated with Neek, the owner of the KneeQuickie.

Women swoon for it, men quiver before it. Behold its power!