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United Conworld "Consociatus Cultus"



The idea of a united con-world presents opportunities for people to get familiar with other people con-cultures and con-languages. It would present a more realistic scenario of the diverse con-cultures that exist in one world. Even though the idea of the creation might seem not compelling, the creation of such a world will bring on all sorts of opportunities that yet wait to be brainstormed. Con-cultures could alternatively be applied with a sense of neighbors having their own culture. People’s contributions and enthusiasm will be key, but the more effort will bring a much distinguished con-world that will stand out distinguished from the other con-worlds that exist. This idea is in its planning stages, but members willing to involve their con-culture are greatly needed. As members increase, this project will be propelled and put in action. How can you get involved? Send me a pm or just get your voice out there that you want to take part of the United Conworld project.

with regards, Mos

Consociatus Cultus - means United Civilizations in Latin


The Declaration of Laws and Game Rules



The Official Forum & Website of the United Conworld Project
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