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Suenu portal

Suenu is a unique world, different than our own. A cold, seasonless world where even the lands on the equator get no warmer than Prague or Bariloche, and where the highest peaks, at night, get covered with dry ice. From space, Earth looks like a marble of blue and green, with white on the poles and along some mountain ranges, and a few patches of yellow desert. On the other hand, Suenu is mostly ocean and ice shelf, with some green along the equator and on two continents the size of England. In Suenu days go by as slowly as months, indeed twice as slowly. The reddish sun in its sky hardly seems to move even as dozens of hours go by. The nights are equally long all over the globe, and just before sunset the planet is, save for beaches and some riverbanks, covered in a white sheet of snow and ice. Yet for all the endless nights and the freezing winds, Suenu is also an intensely beautiful place. By night, when there's no clouds, its sky is completely covered by an explosion of shapes and colours, a planetary nebula, the remains of a long-dead sun. The colours are bright enough to read under, so true darkness is rare. Its atmosphere is a bit thicker than ours, which makes for some amazing sunsets and sunrises which, on top of it all, last for almost a week, swirling and twisting in a sort of evanescence of reds and oranges, grays and indigos.

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Nomads of the Fronzen Steppes