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Langara is a conworld, of the Earth equivalent variety, started by Euskera three years ago, a result of the haze of boredom that is high school. Euskera found that, despite the educational system's many failings and shortcomings, it does its part in cultivating creativity among students by making them so bored they are forced to use their minds to think about something else.

There are several accounts from Langara, none of which Euskera has completed in recording.

Shokaza and the Founding of Chaikaza

The Great Tumult and the Heroism of Imeshen (the major legend of the ancient days of Langara)

An Overview of Langaran Beliefs After the Great Tumult

An Overview of Langaran History, from the Aftermath of the Great Tumult to the War of Last Kings (not completed by any stretch of the imagination!)

Shokazan Myths: The Origin of Men and Women, and Further Information on Llelrona (also nowhere near completion!)

Phonology of Shokazan (Euskera is not much of a conlanger: you have been warned!)