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Most Wikis are designed with a concept of democratic action, where every user has an equal vote and an equal opportunity to maintain and improve the project. The KneeQuickie, however, is not such a wiki. The end-user, better called a Wikiserf, is using leased bandwidth, to which the serf is under no obligation to support, whether by contributions or otherwise.

As such, sysops have been replaced by Wikipeers, Lords who have been granted title and power by the Wikilord; Wikipeers can delete and lock articles, can block users, and have other administrative powers. Wikipeers also hold greater sway in voting power when new amrabî are being proposed. The various amrabî have also been designed with the idea that Wikipeers wield greater power.

As a wikiserf, a user may contribute their voice and opinion in any matter, and may bring to the attention to Wikipeers of vandalism, copyright infringements, or any other breach in policy. They may also vote. Wikiserfs retain the right to write new articles, and edit any unlocked article.

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