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Bair is a Conworld created by Warmaster. Its earliest stages date back to October 1998 when the then 14 year old Warmaster had to write a story for his GCSE’s. Though the story itself (titled ‘the army of darkness’) was not particularly good, the entire world of Bair developed from that very first story. The name Bair was given to the Conworld in August 2000, before that it was known as Rinesworld.

Over the course of its development Bair has changed a good deal. Origionally it was very influenced by Games Workshops’ ‘Warhammer’ world, giving it a very much a D&D feel. It then became increasingly mythological with Warmaster’s discovery of the Silmarillion in 2000. Presently, it has become much less mythologicallised, with the intention of having a very well developed history, with most of the mythology being phased out and the remaining ‘magic’ becoming much less important.

Bair differs in several ways from most Conworlds. First, and perhaps most importantly, though humans (Known as the Mavine) exist on the Conworld, they are by no means dominant, and when they have tried to be, they have suffered accordingly. Also unusual is the large number of non-human races, 14 of them in total, sub divided into many more. This gives the world a unique flavour, and some very interesting relations between the races.

The history of Bair is over 70 000 years long, creating numerous incidents over the millennia which shaped the world, including an Ice age, World wars, Supernatural disasters and the use of the planet as a battle ground between two races not native to it. Most of these events are chronicled in an internal history of the world; The Ardylamar