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Atragam is a conworld created by Michael S. Repton.

The name, which is pronounced /ˈatɾagam/, is an Arêndron word meaning "world of the nations", from atar "nation" and gam "world".


The name "Atragam" refers both to a continent, which was the entire known world at the time of the Arêndron Empire, and to the planet this continent is part of. Since the Arêndron people and their ancestors and descendants are my focus on the world, nothing is known about the other continents.

Atragam is inhabited by humans, and by animals and plants that are familiar from the real world; there are no non-human races. As of the sixth century after the founding of the Arêndron Empire, the technology level in most of Atragam is comparable to the pre-mediaeval period in our world; one civilisation, Zaiatar, has progressed further, including the discovery of gunpowder.


When talking about Atragam I use the Arêndron calendar, which dates events as so many years after the establishment of the empire (OA, from olnom Arêndron) or before (BE, from the English phrase "before the Empire"). As with our AD/BC system, there is no year zero.