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Alternative Names: Zhōngguó
Dà Zhōng Dì Guó
Capital Pēcíng (northern)
Bā̀ngkō (southern)
Official Language(s): Anaan, Mandarin
Demonym: Anaan
Goverment Type: Constitutional monarchy
– Emperor Anā Nàì
Area 29,519,000 km2
Population 2,714,000,000
– Density 91.9/km3

Anaa is a country located on Earth, from an alternate version of the Myonverse where the planet Maiyan (and thus Myon) do not exist, and also where an inadvertent trip though a wormhole sent an early, pre-FTL travel Ancaron starship to Earth. This ship landed on Earth in the 16th century in China. Lost, and unable to contact the Ancaron Empire, they proceeded with their initial mission of conquering the planet, just with a different target. However, due to low amounts of forces and unexpected difficulties, they were only able to conquer eastern Asia before they were unable to expand further. While they eventually did continue to expand, it was only after they had lost most of their Ancaron technology and had to make due with Earth technology and what they could rediscover of their lost Ancaron tech. Overall, technology in modern and near-modern times is higher than the equivalent time on Earth. Also the timeline remains recognizable to our own, but as events move into the 20th century, things begin to become more and more divergent.


First Contact

First Expansion


Second Expansion


Main Central Powers: German Empire, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Anaa Main Allied Powers: Britain, France, Russia, Japan

The war technically ended with a victory for the Central Powers, however none of them came out of the war particularly well, with the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary collapsing either during the war (in the case of the Ottoman Empire) or shortly thereafter. Anaa made it though intact, even though it, along with Japan, fought for roughly one additional year after the main peace in Europe. However, after the war Anaa began a period of demilitarization, in the belief that no one would want to fight another war like that one, and also because following the war, Russia (now the Soviet Union) was not in much of a position to fight and would be for several years, and also because the British Empire was much reduced following the war, with the loss of its Malaysian territories to Anaa, and the independence of India.

Inter-War Period

From 1919 to 1935 Anaa concentrated on advancing in other areas mostly outside of warfare, such as developing spaceflight.

  • 1922: First launch of a rocket into space (suborbital)
  • 1925: First satellite
  • 1928: First suborbital test flight of a potentially manned rocket
  • 1929: First orbital test flight of a potentially manned rocket; first manned orbital space flight

Following 1929 Anaa's space program was slowed down due to economic troubles, however in the time between 1929 and 1935, 10 manned orbital space flights were conducted.


Cold War

Following WWII, Anaa, the Soviet Union, and the United States each emerged as superpowers.